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Welcome to SKK TV (Local Las Vegas Santa Kris Kringle TV Station) The Video Elves have been very busy organizing all of Santa's Videos. By Clicking on the image of the monitors to the right, you will see "Today's Feature Video".  If you scroll down past the Feature Video you will see the catagories.

Today's Feature Video is a story about a little girl (we will just call her “Missy”) and how much she Believed in Santa. Her family visited Winter Wonderland which was sponsored by Zappo’s, of which had hired Santa Kris Kringle to visit with children of ALL ages and take pictures with them. When Santa first saw Missy, she had this special sparkle in her eye! She marched right up to Santa so happy to see him. Santa ask her what her name was and what she wanted for Christmas. Missy said without hesitating … “I just want my little brother to be a good boy.” She shared a little bit of his mischief and then Santa told her how thoughtful and nice she was. Then he ask what SHE wanted for Christmas. Santa certainly wasn’t prepared for this one. Missy said she wanted school supplies for all of the kids in her class for the rest of the year, because they did not have enough. This put Santa on a mission. He found donations of school supplies of all sorts, in fact approximately $700 worth. A couple days before school was going to break for the Christmas holiday, Santa paid a surprise visit to the school. It happened to be in a very poor district. He went directly to Missy’s class! The teacher called Missy up to the front of the class so Santa could talk to her and explain the result of what Missy had ask for Christmas.

"Today's Feature Video"

Santa's Special Story

(Santa's Special Story continued)

Santa also gave each child a handmade wooden car from the Toys 4 Smiles Foundation. See what happens when you Believe? “Anything is Possible”. That’s the Spirit!

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Santa is always supporting the Veterans here in Southern Nevada. There are many ways you can help too! Check with Santa to see when the next fund raiser is or Welcome Home Celebration at McCarren International Airport and help Santa Welcome these service men and women home!

Santa loves supporting all the Las Vegas communities.  If you know of a parade that is happening please let Santa know and you may just see him there!


All the events Santa does throughout the entire year are special. These are exceptional and help encourage the spirit of Christmas all year long. Enjoy these videos and let Santa know if you have a special event (Birthday, Anniversary, Open House, Convention, Corporate Golf Day, or other). He has an special custom outfit for everything and not a bad golf swing!

Additional note regarding Santa and Charities: Santa sells a large variety of Charity Tokens at "Santa's Shop"​. They are made with quality clay and make great Stocking Stuffers or a really special gifts anytime of the year. Especially to that one person that is dealing with, or has dealt with that disease. Santa donates a portion of the profits to that Charity that you purchase.

If you you have seen a really good commercial that represents what Santa stands for (Spirit year round, Children of ALL ages Believe), contact Santa and let him know where the commercial is and if appropriate, he will add it here for all to enjoy.

You have selected to watch Santa's Promotional videos. Below you will see several of the Promotional Videos Santa has been in, click on your choice and enjoy! Ho, Ho, Ho! Do you have a company or event that needs promotion? Think out of the BOX and remember Santa is available all year long!

​Remember to stop back often as we will be adding new videos!

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